About Us

Singapore Fighting Championship (SFC) is an amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization which was founded in 2014 in order to foster the growth of amateur MMA in Singapore. SFC was built upon the vision of being the premier Mixed Martial Arts Event Company in Singapore and eventually in South East Asia. SFC hopes to encourage the development of local and regional athletes capable of competing in world class settings, by providing opportunities for budding amateur MMA fighters to compete in proper sanctioned fights which would support their development on their path to the professional ranks By promoting the spirit of athleticism and sportsmanship, SFC also aims to provide first rate entertainment for the growing Mixed Martial Arts fanbase in the region. This is important to the growth of MMA in Singapore as it would raise awareness on the value of the sport while giving the young an opportunity to be exposed to the sport. By promoting MMA in Singapore, greater exposure would mean a larger number of people interested in picking up the sport which would result in the greater pool of future potential fighters. As such, SFC is crucial to nurturing the future of MMA in Singapore.

Through a close working partnership with all the best MMA fight gyms in Singapore, SFC aims to cultivate an environment of cooperative growth in which the gyms work in unison to provide a conducive climate for the growth of MMA in Singapore. In addition, partnering and working closely with the Wrestling Federation of Singapore which is the official governing body recognized by The Singapore Sports Council, makes SFC the official amateur MMA organization in Singapore. This recognition allows fighters who participate in SFC to garner recognition for their fights and the experience gained may serve as a platform for them to launch their careers as professional fighters. In December 2014, SFC crowned the first ever Singaporean Amateur Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight and Lightweight Champions. Done in a unique 4-man tournament structure for each weight class, the show boasted an exciting display of athleticism, skill and endurance and tested the willpower and heart of each fighter.

SFC is committed to creating more opportunities for fighters in growth, experience, and support.  The amateur league provides a structured, safe, and competitive atmosphere for beginning fighters. SFC aims to develop amateur MMA fighters in Singapore and give them an avenue to compete in sanctioned MMA fights. In 2016, SFC looks to spread its grounds to provide opportunities not only to amateur MMA fighters, but to amateur boxers and muay thai fighters as well, by incorporating muay thai matches, kickboxing as well as boxing events into its fold. In addition, SFC will also foray into professional fighting events, to provide an avenue of progression for current amateur fighters seeking a career in martial arts. The entertainment value of bringing more professional fighting events to Singapore would reinforce SFC’s mission of increasing the public’s exposure to MMA by showcasing top notch fighters.   In doing so, SFC aims to cultivate the growth of martial arts in Singapore as a whole, by providing fighters from different backgrounds with more opportunities to hone their skills in order to produce more Singaporean fighters and athletes who can compete on the world stage.


To be the premier Combat Sports Promotion company in iIngapore and South-East Asia.

Mission Statement:

To develop home-grown Singaporean amateur MMA fighters by providing them with a platform to enhance their martial arts skills and experience and eventually to promote the sports of MMA, Boxing and kickboxing to the masses in both Amateur and Pro.